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Legoland Malaysia Halloween Party


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I have been to Legoland Malaysia a few times. This is the first time I was there to experience the Halloween party. Let me share with you what Legoland has transformed into for this Halloween.

The theme for this year Halloween is Brick-or-Treat. Usually the theme park closes at 7pm on weekends. However, from mid September 2016 to end of October 2016, it extends till 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays for the Halloween party. Any kids that dress up with Halloween costumes will be allowed to enter the park free of charge for the party nights (sorry, only for kids, adults need to pay full fees that is RM85 per person for the party from 4pm to 9pm). During those Fridays and Saturdays,the theme park has the Brick-or-Treat trail, spooky mainland tour, Halloween parade and shows. Sound  amazing right? No kids can resist the Brick or Treat charm!

1st booth of the trail is to collect the Halloween paper bag for the Brick-or-Treat. The booth is next to the Star War exhibition. Usually the queue can be quite long,so be patient and hang in there,especially the kids.

2nd booth and the rest of the Brick-or-Treat trail, the kids have to give one Lego brick to each of the Halloween characters in exchange for treats, for example snacks,stationery etc. The following photos show some of the characters we saw during the brick or treat trail walk.

At 3rd booth, there is this competition of scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs, to see who got the highest decibels in the scream. So far, the top scorer has an impressive 114 decibels. To enter this competition, you have to donate RM1 for 2 screams. The photo below shows the scream-o-meter used for the competition.

The kids were having a blast.Thank you Legoland Malaysia. If you wish to book online for the admission fees or get more details please click here.


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