Top 7 things about Sabah


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Where is Sabah? What is so special about this place?

Sabah is situated on the island of Borneo, which is the 3rd largest island in the world (after Greenland and New Guinea). It is also one of the states in Malaysia, a South East Asian country near the equator. This place has a lot of potential for nature lovers, families, solo travellers and of course for people who would like to travel out of the popular tourist destinations.

1.Beautiful sunset view


Sabah has one of the top most beautiful sunset view in the world. You get to view the magnificent sunset around 6.30pm local time. The sun will turn into a yellowish or orange colour and there is no glaring sunlight when you are looking at it. The sky will also turn into this orange-red hue. You can see the sun slowly lowers itself and disappears from horizon if you are at the beach. Suggest to go to the beach (example Tanjung Are Beach in Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah) for shutterbugs to snap photos and for couples who like some quiet and romantic time together, strolling down the beach. Of course, you can go to the famous Sunset Bar and drinking in the beautiful view. Another place you can view the sunset is on Signal Hill Observatory, Kota Kinabalu.

2. Mount Kinabalu


This mountain is the highest peak in South-East Asia, standing at 4095m above sea level, situated in Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site. Every year, an international climbathon is held for avid climbers all around the world to challenge themselves to climb the mountain in the fastest time. For other people like me who does not exercise regularly, can also climb the mountain with a hire guide that will guide you to the top of the peak and even carry you up there too. Believe me when I say, one of the guides could practically carry my cousin who did not have the strength to carry on climbing to the rest area on the mid of the mountain. To motivate casual climbers, Kinabalu Park issues certificates to climbers who complete the climb or at least until certain stops on the mountain. Yay!

3. Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

This is a marine park that consists of a few island on the west coast of Sabah. They are Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. You can choose to do island hopping. The islands are very near to Kota Kinabalu city, about 15-20 minutes by speed boat. You can buy tickets to board the speed boat at Jesselton Jetty. Some of the islands have facilities like chalets, restaurants, toilets, water activities like banana boat and jetsking. For more information about the park entrance fees and boat transfer fees please refer here.

4. Borneo Kellybays

Borneo Kellybays is a new place to get some fun activities for practically anybody. Visitors can kayak or paddle boat or banana boat at the river, catching crabs while onboard of a ferry travelling towards Kellybays, surfing, swimming, batik printing (decorating cloth by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then painting the cloth with colours, I personally tried this and it was fun), lots of hammocks for you to laze around after a swim or meal, buffet style local food to eat all you can (or until all food has been consumed), blow pipe (using a small tube to blow a small dart towards target) and swings for kids to enjoy themselves.

5. Desa Cattle Dairy farm

Sabah has its own local cow milk produced here at Desa Cattle Dairy farm. The brand name is Desa. Here you can see cattles wandering at a condored area. At the main building you can see the milking process using modern machines. Fresh cartons of milk and ice creams are sold at the main building. If you wish to try to feed the calves and goats with bottled milk or grass, you may do so with a fee.

6. Poring Hot Spring

This is a place where you can soak your body with hot sulphuric minerals water. Locals enjoy going to this place for healing purposes. It has lots of open air tiled baths around that are free to use. However, if you prefer some privacy or quiet relaxing tubs to soak you aching muscles, you can book a chalet-like shelters with tiled bath (of course they come with fees). Besides the hot bath, there are 2 swimming pools too. However, be warned that the swimming pools’ water is rather chilling to some. If you like trekking, this is a place for you. You can also try the Poring canopy walk, a suspended bridge about 30-40m above ground that oversea the rainforest.

7. World largest flower, Rafflesia


Rafflesia may be over 100 cm (39 in) in diameter and weights up to 10 kgs (22 lb).It is a plant with no roots, no leaves and no stem. Moreover, it has a very distinct smell that some said smell like rotten meat. It is usually red-orange in colour with some yellowish polka dots. It will take a few months to grow into a gigantic flower but it only last a few days and eventually dies. Therefore it is not easy to spot the flower in its full bloom. But if you have the opportunity to go to one of the Rafflesia centres, please lookout for this amazing world largest flower.



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