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Aqua Aerobics – Week 2 Challenge


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This is 2nd week of my aqua aerobics class. The weather was beautiful today. Sunny and a bit windy, but nevertheless a beautiful day. When I arrived at the pool, everyone was ready to “rock n roll”.

First the instructor had brought out the noodles for us. She then instructed the newbies (I was one of them) to the side of the pool and gave us a quick run down as how to use the noodle during the routines.

We were told that we had to stay at the side of the pool because we needed to hold onto something like doing ballet and hold onto the side bar. Then, holding the noodle with a shoulder apart, she taught us how to push it down into the water, push it down further to have one of our legs stepping on the noodle, and last one, how to jump over the noodle with both legs.

After that, she went about to get the music started for us to enjoy the session. But to her dismay, the sound system just didn’t work that day. It broke down and couldn’t seem to play any music at all. So after fumbling for 10 minutes, our instructor gave up and started the session without the music.

Like the first session, we watched the instructor movements and followed accordingly. This time it was so much different. With the noodle, the movement was much harder and we struggled to hold the noodle down in the water and trying not to float away. Now I understand why she insisted we newbies had to stay near the side of the pool so as to keep our balance.

The routines were simple, but yet difficult to execute. Imagine it is already an uphill task to try to walk in the water, and now, you have to walk using a floatation device that can easily wiggle out of your hands or make you look like a fool that float one leg up. Trust me, I had seen a few instances where the members of our group tried to wrestled the noodle down onto their feet but ended up the whole bodies floating together with the noodles.

My most embarrassing moment was the instructor asked me to jump over the noodle with both legs. It was a success for my first try. I was so proud of myself! But I also had to jumped backward over the noodle too. So it was this moment that had me knocking over the noodle and slipped into the water, nearly had my butt touching the bottom of the pool. What a sight that was! Anyway, the instructor told the others not to worry about me because she could see that I was not one who would be afraid of water. Luckily, she was right. I do know how to swim, thanks to my parents who sent me to numerous swimming lessons when I was young.

When the class ended, the instructor did give praise to us – the newbies. She also told us that it was good that we did not use the music this time so that she could concentrate  on giving us the instructions on how to handle the noodle. With slower pace, we could show the instructor our moves individually and she corrected us immediately if it was wrong.

Next week, with the pumping fast pop/dance musics, I hope I could keep up with the movement and handle the noodle at the same time. Keep my fingers cross. Will let you know next week.



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